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Alison Holmbrook
Holistic Health

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The treatments I offer are both gentle and powerful as I seek to create the right conditions to activate your bodies own intelligence and healing potential.

The deeply relaxing and balancing nature of Reiki and Reflexology make them both suitable for pampering as well as healing.

If using in a preventative capacity I would suggest a regular monthly treatment. If actively working to heal I would recommend a course of treatments at more regular intervals.  

I offer a 10% discount when a course of 4 or more therapies are booked.

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Free 15 minute Consultation

Please contact me to arrange a free no obligation consultation.

Reiki Treatment


A method of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The method was developed in Japan and is administered by hands either near or lightly touching the body while the client remains fully clothed. It works on all levels of our being, healing our mind, body and spirit.

I love working with clients over a period of time, witnessing the deep transformations that Reiki so beautifully and gently facilitates.

£45 for 1 hour or £60 for 1 1/2 hour



The gentle application of pressure and massage to the reflexes of the feet to bring about deep relaxation and stimulate the body's own healing processes.

In itself Reflexology is a very enjoyable experience, helping to prevent the onset of many stress related conditions.

If you are seeking help to heal from a chronic health condition I will do a thorough consultation with you, whereby I can start to get clues as to what may be contributing to your ill health.

I have treated clients with a wide range of ailments, including IBS, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, and eczema . Combining the healing power of the Reflexology with my knowledge on health and healing I will work with you to make changes to support your return to health.

£45 for 1 hour or £60 for 1 1/2 hour

Oil Lamp Offering

Sacred Circle

We sit together around a small altar, a candle is lit, incense burns. Helping Spirits are called in. A meditation is used to bring us into the space, into our bodies and our hearts. 

Then we practice speaking and listening from our hearts. Nothing is forced, nothing is expected. We simply allow and trust Spirit to move through us, bringing wisdom and healing into the Circle through each one of us.

One on One - This is ideal if you are needing to feel more deeply seen and heard, nurtured and held, if you are wanting to connect with Spirit more tangibly, if you have an issue or difficulty you would like to get clarity on or a new perspective.

£45 for 1 hour or £60 for 1 1/2 hour

Group - This is for you if you want to feel less alone, more connected. There are few opportunities in society for us to take off our masks and show up as we are. In such a space we can start to find and use our authentic voice, getting more in touch with who we really are. We feel safe, empowered and nourished. The illusion of separation dissolves.

£5 to £10 per 2 1/2-hour Circle

I will be running Circles throughout the year, please contact me if you would like to join one.

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Winter Womens Circle

November 2022 to February 2023

Aligning with the dark of the year, this is an opportunity to gather with the sisters, to deepen into our process, to be held, seen, heard and supported. We will gather approximately every 3 weeks.

In November we will begin our journey together with intention setting, and end in Spring with celebration and thanks.

Please contact me to book, ask any questions or just to make contact to see if it feels right for you.

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Winter Womens Circle

November 2022 to February 2023

Aligning with the dark of the year, this is time to gather with the sisters, to deepen into our process, to be seen, heard and supported.

Gathering approximately every 3 weeks, and starting our journey in November with intention setting, and ending in February with celebration and thanks.

Please contact me to book, ask any questions, or just to make contact to see if it feels right for you.

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New treatment- Facial Reflexology!

I am really excited to be offering Facial Reflexology from November. Like Reflexology on the feet, this treatment aims to help your entire body, but with one side effect... a more radiant, firmer and glowing complexion.

It is also ideal for those people who have very tickly feet or do not like having their feet touched.

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After years of ill health, reflexology with Alison gave me my first feelings of 'normal' that I'd experienced in years. The session itself was delightful, calming, relaxing yet very powerful and the next day I felt amazing. I had energy, and the unpleasant perimenopausal symptoms I was experiencing had vanished, and have not returned. My second session , I felt emotional blockages lifting and once again the next day felt amazing. I couldn't recommend Alison enough. It's given me a window into good health I had lost sight of over the years.

Sophie H

Thank you Ali, I had an amazing experience with you holding a circle. I felt so held and totally felt the presence of something bigger than us. I was connected through my heart and I felt I was in a different dimension. Where time was irrelevant. With love, vulnerability and openness flowing from our hearts. It was magical!


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Gift Vouchers

A thoughtful gift

Stylish Gift Voucher printed on high quality card with envelope.

Ideal  gift for birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, Christmas, new mother, bride-to-be, graduation.​

What could be better than the gift of relaxation, balance and a sense of wellbeing?

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About me


I became interested in natural health and healing in my twenties, when I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. I intuitively knew that I needed to heal myself on all levels-mind, body and soul-  to regain my health.

I  dived into reading widely on many areas and explored many natural and holistic therapies on my way back to health. Most importantly I reconnected with my intuition and Spirit, learning to listen and be guided, to surrender my will.

On my journey I explored meditating in Buddhist centres, did silent retreats, lived off grid in the wild, learned to forage, learned to listen deeply, learned the importance of choosing love over fear, and  how to communicate with greater love and compassion (Nonviolent communication) I was attuned to Reiki in beautiful, powerful ceremonies in the UK and America, and trained to be a Reflexologist at the prestigious London School of Reflexology with Louise Keet. Most importantly I became convinced of the bodies own capacity to heal given the right conditions.

I have been practicing Reiki for 15 years and Reflexology for 12.

I enjoy living lightly and respectfully on this beautiful earth, in tune with the rhythms of myself and the seasons.

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I live and carry out treatments in the magical Isle of Avalon, also known as Glastonbury. I was called here over 10 years ago and feel honoured to call it home.

The treatment room is in a peaceful location, surrounded by trees and bird song, just a 5 minute walk from the High Street.

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How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all its beauty?
It felt the encouragement of light
against its Being.
we all remain


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